• Table menus
  • Takeaway menus
  • Discount cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Vouchers
  • Distribution


Restaurant printing is a specialised area and there are  very diverse ranges of products that can be made available to you to create menus and cards suited to your specific business. Menus often benefit from having photos of the actual dishes, particularly where unusual dishes have uncommon names.

- Takeaway menus come in many forms from A3, A4 folded, A5 folded to just a DL Size, they vary from black and white , one colour through to full colour with pictures.

- Table menus come in a large variety as well, from those that are handed out to clients in folders at the table, to those that stand on the table and are ready for self selection.

- Discount or Loyalty cards are popular now days as many restaurants reward their customers when they purchase on a regular basis, the normal layout is a business card style front with boxes or happy faces on the back to be filled in for each purchase with a reward when the card is filled up.

- Specialty Advertising is provided to help you put into practice what you would like to see happening to improve turnover. Options on how you can offer customer return via loyalty cards, discount vouchers or 'specials' menus specific for low volume trading nights of the week can be provided. This advertising usually has a short term purpose to increase customer returns.

- Distribution is possible to organise for takeaway menus to go out to a specific area / suburb where you would like to get more clients informed